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A high-tech enterprise specialized in the development and production of industrial intelligent equipment

Release time:2022-09-17 15:38:51

ZLINK TECHNOLOGIES (ZHENGZHOU) CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of industrial intelligent equipment. The company is mainly engaged in the development and production of automatic production lines in the sanitary products and cosmetics industry, and is committed to creating a digital factory that integrates automatic production equipment and information production management. The company specializes in producing sanitary grade wet wipes production equipment that meets the GMP and cGMP production certification, and provides optimization plans for upgrading production processes.

The company's innovative philosophy has gathered an elite team with consistent goals and continuously created first-class research results. In recent years, we have successively completed the application combination of automatic production of wet wipes and industrial robots, and realized a fully automatic production line from nonwoven fabric converting, packaging, quality inspection, case packing, and palletizing. The production process adopts digital information technologies such as real-time data collection, online monitoring and analysis, and specifically customizes the information visualization system (SCADA) and production execution system (MES) suitable for wet wipes factories, comprehensively optimizing production management, and ensuring production site safety and product quality.

Currently, the company can provide services and products mainly include: ZLINK series of sanitary grade wet wipes automatic production line; RH series rear section manual free automatic packaging line, AGV intelligent handling system, etc; WE series mini wet wipes and oversized adult wet wipes production line, multi-pack machine and other customized equipment; And provide overall solutions for digital chemical plants.

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